Blue to Brown reviews 2013:



Guitar and Bass
“The fretwork assured, the songs moving and we’ve never encountered a more soulful croak.”



Classic Rock
“Dom Brown showing an instinctive, stinging blues touch and Rob Brown delivering some strong melodies in the craggy croak of a forty a day Barry White.”



Rock Society
“Distinctive, original, just two words that describe this album”
“Rob has an unusual vocal style, deep, rich and full of character … added to Dom’s dynamic guitar work, they make a great team.”
“Vocals almost as low and rich as Louis Armstrong”
“Cracking set of lyrics and electrifying lead guitar”
“Quite unique and one of the more unusual albums I have heard for a while in the blues genre”



“Dom’s Brown’s long guitar solo builds with inexorable drama [I Get Loaded]”
“Dom plays lovely, elegant guitar on the 60s soul-influenced Please, Please”
“Rob Brown is a gravel-voiced singer who performs with dark authenticity.”
“[Dom’s] playing is refreshingly subtle and unpredictable … technically he is formidable.”



Get Ready to Rock
“Nine conversations between voice and guitar that bring a refreshingly different take to narrative-driven blues.”
“The nine tracks mine a much deeper vein than the usual blues fare.”
“An engaging album that draws on Dom’s beautifully crafted solos and Rob’s considerable vocal presence.”
“There’s a subtle tension in the songs, born of Rob’s emotional intensity and Dom’s ability to mirror moods and feels.”
Dom Brown: “inventive throughout”
Rob Brown: “caustic Beefheart phrasing”



Northern Sky
“Mysterious energy sparks from family collaborations. And, if it’s sparks you’re after, give Blue to Brown a spin. Father and son each bring distinctive prowess to this energetically electric collection of blues originals.”
“The strength of the album is firmly planted in the melding of two distinctive vocal styles.”
Rob Brown: “Howlin’ Wolf meets Ian Dury.”
Dom Brown: “one of this island’s best contemporary guitarists.”



Blues Matters
“Dom has great playing style and the ability to send a solo somewhere unexpected that never comes at the expense of the song.”
“Bad Boy shows Rob at his most charismatic – he has all the presence of an evangelist preacher when he yells, ‘You’re gonna go down …”
“All tracks … are well crafted and executed and driven by a great singer and a phenomenal guitar talent.”



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